Quad Bikes

Our quad bike scheme provides cover for Utility, Leisure and Sports type Quads.

They can be insured to a maximum of three riders, and all vehicles must be garaged.

Commuting and business use is available for agricultural workers.

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  • Classic Car Insurance

    Classic Car Insurance

    Our Classic Vehicle scheme provides insurance cover for genuine, classic collectable vehicles.

  • Kitcars


    Whether home built or made to order, our comprehensive limited mileage Kitcar scheme is built especially with your vehicle in mind.

  • Wedding Cars

    Wedding Cars

    We can provide cover for Weddings and Special Occasions for Kit type and Modern Wedding Vehicles.

  • Classic Bikes

    Classic Bikes

    We are looking for true enthusiasts as in our view a genuine classic or collectable motorcycle should be a cherished vehicle.

  • Quad Bikes

    Quad Bikes

    Our quad bike scheme provides cover for Utility, Leisure and Sports type Quads, insured to a maximum of three riders.

  • Trikes


    Our Trike scheme is aimed at the traditional style of trike, whether they are motorcycle- or car-based, either factory built or by a private individual.

  • American Cars

    American Cars

    This scheme is for genuine vehicles that are at least 5 years old and have been designed, manufactured and sold in the USA before being imported into the UK.

  • Motorhomes


    Our Motorhome scheme is designed to cover all types of motorhome and camper vans used by private individuals for pleasure use.

  • Military Vehicles

    Military Vehicles

    This type of policy will cover genuine ex-military vehicles from ex-military Land Rovers to large armoured vehicles, such as lorries and transporters.

  • Horseboxes


    Our horsebox scheme is aimed at private individuals with motorised horse-carrying vehicles up to a maximum gross vehicle weight of 17.5 tonne.

  • Modified 4×4

    Modified 4×4

    This scheme is available for genuine, highly-modified, off-road vehicles of at least 10 years of age.

  • Other


    Here at M R Bloor, along side our Specialist Vehicle schemes, we can offer a wide range of Personal and Business Insurances.